Speed Cups 6

จำนวนผู้เล่น: 2-6 คน
ระยะเวลาในการเล่น: 15 นาที
อายุผู้เล่น: 6+

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In Speed Cups⁶, players receive five colorful cups and try to solve the tasks presented on cards as quickly as possible. Speed ​​and a good eye are required as the cards show whether the cups are stacked or stand next to each other. Which bird is sitting up in the tree, which one down? In what order do the colorful jackets hang on the wall? Is the order correct? Then quickly knock on the bell! In the end, the fastest hands wins.


น้ำหนัก 0.5 kg
ขนาด 30 × 30 × 5 cm